The Global Ambassadors Language Academy (GALA) Mandarin and Spanish immersion program is a new, innovative, international, K-8, tuition-free, foreign language immersion school, opening in Cleveland, August 2016.


The launching of GALA in CLE is very exciting, as it will be the only foreign language immersion school in Northeast Ohio, and the first Mandarin immersion school in the entire state of Ohio. Foreign language immersion schools provide instruction of all core subjects in two languages: English and a target language – leading to dual proficiency by the 3rd grade.


GALA addresses a great disparity in education by bringing an opportunity to Cleveland that has historically been placed in high-income neighborhoods across the country and out of reach for students living in economically challenged areas. Further, GALA will serve as a change agent for CLE – bringing interest from a new wave of professionals and families seeking innovative school options in Cleveland. This type of revitalization for our city will aid in efforts to grow population, strengthen culture and diversity, and produce a globally competitive local workforce for multinational companies in the Cleveland area.

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